Presbyterianism travelled with John Knox from John Calvin in Geneva to Scotland in the sixteenth century. In the early seventeenth century it came to Ireland during the plantation. Reformed Presbyterianism emerged and flourished in the late seventeenth century in Scotland and Ireland.

The denomination started and grew in Ireland in the form of small groups of Christians committed to Reformed Presbyterian principles called societies. One, which gathered at ‘the Vow’ — Vow Road Ballymoney in the 1700’s, became many. In 1760 the group of societies in that area were formed into the Bannside congregation and in 1763 called the Rev.

Church Meeting House
Meeting House built 1840

Matthew Lynn to be their pastor. One of those societies was in Ballylaggan and was constituted as a congregation in 1763. It was not until 1817 that the congregation was in a position to call their own minister. Thirteen ministers have faithfully served the congregation since then.

Initially the services were held in the open air or in barns, but by 1804 the congregation met in a simple thatched earthen-floored building. In 1840 the erection of the current meeting house began.

From 1961-1987 services were also held in the ‘wee green Hall’ in Castleroe under the oversight of Ballylaggan session.

The current congregation continues to have a love for Jesus Christ our Saviour and King and a desire to promote His name in the community.


Rev. David and Ruth Sutherland
Rev. David and Ruth Sutherland

On 13 September 2013 Rev. David Sutherland was installed as minister of the congregation. He is married to Ruth a native of Finvoy and they have three children. 






































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