Scripture Text: Philippians 1:12-26            Preacher: Rev. David Sutherland            Date: 2 April 2017

Our study of the Letter to the Philippians continues. In response to anxious enquiries by the Philippians about his welfare, Paul sets out his views on four matters pertinent to his situation. Firstly that good does come out of trials, in this case by the advance of the gospel; secondly, that the preaching of the gospel even by those critical of Paul and driven by different motives is to be welcomed because the same Christ is proclaimed; thirdly, that death is not a loss, but a gain, because it takes us into the presence of Christ; and fourthly that our purpose in living should be the glory of Christ and the good of others.

The following Psalms were sung in conjunction with this sermon: Psalm 115:1-6, Psalm 116:1-6, Psalm 117C:1-2

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