Scripture Text: Luke 22:39-46            Preacher: Rev. David Sutherland             Date: 1 November 2015

This sermon was preached on the occasion of the Congregation’s Autumn Communion. To be more accurate, the sermon as it appears here is a composite of the three separate addresses delivered in the course of the celebration of communion, joined together to form a single sermon.

The first address reflects on Christ’s death, that it was terrifying, necessary and loving. The second address considers who should, or should not, come to the Lord’s Table, using as illustrative examples the Apostles Peter and Judas Iscariot. The closing address finds revealed in the chosen text three things about Jesus; his pattern (that he forgives his enemies), his pardon (that he puts to rights our well-meant but wrong actions) and his power (that in all situations Jesus is in total control).

Jesus Christ in Gethsemane