Scripture text: Genesis 41:1-57               Preacher: Rev. David Sutherland                 Date: 5 June 2016

Our weekly study of the rise-and-fall life of Joseph continues. When Pharaoh is troubled by dreams his wise men cannot interpret, his chief cup-bearer belatedly remembers the dream he experienced in prison two years earlier. Hurriedly Joseph is summoned into Pharaoh’s presence and not only explains the meaning of the dreams but also proposes a solution to the problem they reveal. Immediately exalted to a position of authority in Egypt second only to that of Pharaoh himself,  Joseph wastes no time in setting in train the solution he had proposed. The sermon reflects on how Joseph’s honest efforts were used by God to achieve results far beyond his expectations; on Joseph’s bold and faithful witness for the one true God, whilst at the same time not allowing peripheral issues to impede the progress of his mission; and on how we might apply these lessons to our own work and witness.


Joseph the Employee