Scripture text:  Ezra Chapter 2                            Preacher:  Rev David Sutherland                   Date: 25 May 2014

This is the second of a series of sermons on the theme “Building up the house of God”.

Following on from last week’s sermon, we now move on to the second Chapter of Ezra, which records the names and details of those returning to Jerusalem under the leadership of Zerubbabel. Ezra describes in turn the various groups which make up this first party of returning exiles — the godly leaders, the covenant families who trace their Hebrew ancestry through many generations, and those of disparate backgrounds who can make no claim to covenant ancestry but have now become part of this returning covenant community. Between them the party share every ability and skill needed to complete the task for which God has chosen them. And simple arithmetic reveals that the group also included many more people than are mentioned in Ezra’s record, but who nonetheless  added their contribution to the success of the project.

Once again, the lessons learned from this second Chapter of Ezra are applied to the present-day church and to its need to grow.


People God uses to build His house