Scripture Text: Daniel 5           Preacher: Rev. David Sutherland        Date: 27 September 2015

Daniel Chapter 5 records the judgement and death of Belshazzar, co-Regent of Babylon. With a besieging Persian army encamped outside the walls of Babylon, Belshazzar invites 1,000 guests to a great feast, confident (misplaced as it soon transpires) that the city defences were impregnable. Ignoring the earlier warnings given by God and with the voice of his conscience silenced, Belshazzar demonstrates his contempt for God by using for their drunken revels the sacred vessels taken from the Temple in Jerusalem. God’s judgement inscribed on the wall and Daniel’s interpretation of it are quickly followed by the death of the unrepentant Belshazzar and the collapse of the Babylonian empire.

The sermon draws a parallel between Belshazzar’s persistent disregard for God, despite what he must have learned through the experience of his maternal grandfather Nebucadnezzar, and the present-day unbelieving fool who chooses to put his trust in worldly things rather than in Christ.

The unbelieving fool