Our Church outing took us to Bangor and beyond, first stop was at the Aurora Sports Complex where those young at heart were dropped off to spend some time doing whatever took their fancy, but I believe most of them went for a dip.

Those who didn’t wish to overdo it then travelled on a few miles to a garden centre aptly named Creative Gardens where we enjoyed some refreshments and got some idea as to what a garden should look like. After some time and realising we didn’t have enough money to buy any plants we went back and collected those who had been exercising at the sports complex only to find they were enjoying a picnic in the grounds of the complex. After getting everyone safely on board we journeyed onwards to Comber to a wildlife park known as Castle Espie. There we wandered through the park trying to find as many different species of duck as we could, but really to some people a duck is a duck and it goes quack quack.

When the time came we loaded up and set off on our homeward journey but there was one final stop. It was The Tullyglass Hotel in Galgorm where other members joined us for a sumptuous meal. Afterwards it really was homeward bound.

On the way home and nearing our destination having had a great day of fun and fellowship, we sang the travellers song Ps 121. after which the Rev. Sutherland thanked all concerned and brought our time together to a close in prayer.

(Our thanks go to Robbie Quigg for this report and to Betty Wright for the photographs.)

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Church Outing — 3 May 2014 (Pics)