On Friday 27 June Ballylaggan RP Church held their annual Psalm-singing ‘Praise and Pudding Evening’. Led by the Northern Presbytery Choir and joined by a large number of visitors, the congregation sang a selection of Psalms in praise of God, introduced by the Minister, Rev David Sutherland. The theme of the evening was “The Nations”, and Mr Sutherland’s introductions to the Psalms included a virtual survey of the Christian Church worldwide. 
Offerings were received in support of the RP Relief Fund, and Mr Robert McCahon, Co-ordinator and member of the RP Relief Committee (and member of Ballylaggan congregation) described the work that is ongoing at the Vladessa Elphis Centre in Transylvania in partnership with Blythswood Care.
The evening closed with a time of fellowship, when the ‘pudding’ part of the celebration was put into effect; as always, the ladies of Ballylaggan excelled themseves in the quality and scale of the refreshments provided. The thanks of the congregation go out to them, to the members of the Northern Presbytery Choir, and to all those who contributed to the enjoyment and success of the event.

Praise and Pudding Evening