Scripture describes sin as a powerful force that, in various ways, squeezes the life out of us. The prophet Isaiah, for example, lamented sin’s stranglehold on God’s people. “We are constant sinners,” he said (Isaiah 64:5). No matter how hard we try to rescue ourselves or attempt to cover up sin’s claim on us, “we are all infected and impure with sin” (Isaiah 64:6). Sin is deadly, and it will not easily let us loose.

You would think that when we find ourselves in sin’s life-squeezing grip, we would call out for help. Remarkably, however, “no one calls on [God’s] name or pleads with [God] for mercy” (Isaiah 64:7). That is sin’s great delusion: It keeps us trapped in the lies we weave. We don’t see how deep our trouble goes, and, far worse, we don’t see how near we are to God’s help—if we’d only ask. And so, even as we’re denying the danger, sin clutches harder and harder, squeezing the very life out of us.

Thankfully, God is still “our Father. We are the clay, [He’s] the potter” (Isaiah 64:8). No matter how far we’ve run or how much we’ve resisted Him, God hasn’t forgotten that we’re His much-loved children. His forgiveness always reaches out. God is always ready to destroy sin’s grip and pour life back into our hearts.

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