A meeting has been arranged by the Christian Institute

on Thursday 5 June 2014 at 8:00pm — 9:30pm at the Lodge Hotel Coleraine.

The NI Justice Minister, Mr David Ford MLA, proposes to hold a public consultation on liberalising the abortion laws in Northern Ireland to allow abortion in certain cases of foetal disability. In England, Scotland and Wales abortions are already carried out right up to full term on grounds of foetal disabilty, including cases of cleft palate, hare lip and club foot, all of which can be successfully treated surgically.

The Guest speakers at the meeting will be Dr Peter Saunders, Director of the Christian Medical Fellowship, and Lynn Coles, an abortion recovery programme facilitator. Also present will be staff members of the Christian Institute.

The purpose of this meeting (and others taking place elsewhere in Northern Ireland) is to inform members of the public about this important and controversial topic, to give the latest news on the proposed consultation, and to provide guidance on how to make a submission. 

Everyone is invited to attend the meeting.


Loving our unborn neighbour