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So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ. (Rom.10:17)


Listening to the Lord, the Giver of Life


Current Sabbath Evening Sermon Series beginning 8th September 2019 Join us at our evening services as we consider what the Bible has to say about this and other pressing current issues.  

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Is Scripture Clear About Abortion?

Does the Scripture have anything to say about abortion? It speaks directly and with clarity to the issue. More than that, it offers the only solution to the guilt and shame suffered by many who participate in it - the redeeming grace of Christ who died and rose again so that repentant liars and thieves and drunkards and adulterers and homosexuals and yes, even murderers, could receive forgiveness and peace with God.

John MacArthur

Run the real race

Give your wonder to the wrong race, and you will have no wonder left for the things of God and eternity, no enthusiasm for doing right in a world that has gone desperately wrong, no energy to develop your mind and body for excellence and service, no trembling excitement for the worship of Jesus Christ.

Douglas Bond